I bring brands to life.

I personally shape or reshape your brand so you can (re)connect with the world. I've created a one stop fluid studio to facilitate almost any creative challenge you may have. I'll work closely with you and your company to provide a seamless experience from online to retail. 

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Packaging Design


You have a few seconds to grab attention, so captivate your customer with stunning graphics that coalesce with a brilliant structure. I have over 12,000 hours designing packaging and can provide you with expertise all the way to the manufacturing level. From retail packaging to industrial applications, I have done over 5,000 structural packaging designs. Primarily focused on retail displays (temporary and permanent), many of my designs can be seen in a variety of stores across the country.


 Don't let the current trends drive what you do, create your own waves and disrupt your market. We could even get down to the science of it, and predict what people are likely to interpret from your design before it hit's the shelves. Using the latest in 3D technology, you could virtually hold the box in your hands without making a single sample. 


Web Design 


Reflect who you want yourself to be. Stay ahead of the curve and set the new trend in your industry. Get excited and scream it from the rooftops! This is who you are, take this opportunity to create yourself or even change yourself. My websites can host many different ecommerce platforms or do almost anything you need them to.  


I can create them from the ground up, or start from a template of your choice. Using elements from your brand, we will work together to create an engaging experience. You'll stay up to date with a Content Management System that you or your team could manage. I'm also a beta tester for my design platform, so as new features come out, you could be the first to implement innovative site enhancements. And with the web changing everyday, it's crucial to at least keep up with it.


Branding & Identity 


Businesses are only as strong as their brands. They must communicate quality over their competitors through distinctive yet familiar associations. The process is simple: stay competitive, be consistent and rely on the core values, strategy, and vision of the business. It's all about the experience, you must strategically engage your customer to win them over. Who, what, when, where, and why do you exist? There are many ways to build brand awareness and appeal to the senses of your target audience.


Together we will strategize and discuss how we will differentiate yourself from your competition, while subconsciously embedding something familiar. On average, consumers are exposed to over 6,000 advertisements a day and over 25,000 new products a year. That's a lot of competition, and that's where I can provide you what you need. Something different. I will consult, design, and empower you to improve your brand to better reach the demographic you seek.


jellyspine design specializes in creative services such as Branding, Website Design, and Packaging. 

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